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    This game showed alot. Gronk cant get open, edelman cant catch anymore. BB gameplans dont work anymore. And Brady isnt the type of QB that makes guys better anymore, he needs talent to make him look better now, and his skill players are washed up

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    ^ No. The OL killed the Pats. No lanes for runners. Hideous penalties and TB getting harassed way too much.

    Gronk is on the 17th tee, and idiot Kraft should have let BB deal him.

    I told everyone here that Edelman wasn't going to have a good year due to his injury and age. He'll be gone before start of '20 if not sooner.

    As peoples brains age it takes more time to make choices. TB was able to sidestep that will reliable OL play. Now that both T's are taking turns letting guys by them or holding them that extra .15 seconds he needs is gone.

    They are going to get killed in the playoffs. TB should retire and they should rebuild. No more titles for TB, and I still grieve for the 2 BB let get away.
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    Brady is fine. Edelman is fine. Gronk is simply slow now, way too many injuries.

    The problem yesterday was the penalties. They completely destroyed basically every drive.

    The team isnít as talented this year. It is what it is, but instead you guys look for reasons in the players who are actually playing fine.

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    First Pats game in 10 years I decided to do something else with my time than watch. Glad I did. Was still upset about that Miami **** up.
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