As with our infield, I see a bright future for our outfield in 2020 (Cameron, Stewart, and possibly Jose Azocar or Victor Reyes) and beyond (Deathrage, Meadows, Liniak, and moving Wenceel Perez or Jose King to the outfield) but again we need to cover this 2019 season.

Two names I would look at for this season are Derek Dietrich (29) and Gerardo Parra (32). My thought here is that Nick Castellanos is going to be traded sooner rather than later and his RF spot will need to be filled. I have always wanted Parra on the Tigers (hes an on base guy, good fielder, and great attitude guy) but I think at this point Dietrich fits the Tigers better. He is only 29 years old and guaranteeing Dietrich a full time OF spot would go a long way in being able to sign him also. He will be relatively cheap in comparison to others on the market but the bonus is he can play 2B, 3B, 1B as needed and hes a lefty bat. Id go with a two year deal on him just because hes younger and we can move him around if needed to accommodate the young prospects coming up.

In addition to Dietrich, I would start Stewart in LF and run out a platoon of Jones/Robson in CF. My back up outfielder would be Dustin Peterson who would complement the LH bats of Stewart and Dietrich. Peterson can offer solid defense in the corner spots and some power/on-base at the plate. In 2020 or mid year 2019 you can slot in Daz Cameron into CF as I have never been to confident in Jones every being more than a back up defensive player with some power. If one of the other young guys pushes, then you slide Dietrich into a different slot.