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    I Am Actually Starting To Like This Team

    To say the least, no one except the player's mothers had any hope for this season. So it goes for Nets fans. But even with their 8-14 record, I see them currently 6-5 within the Conference, and 2-2 within the Division. That is actually not that bad considering where this team is right now. I see some growth for once, something none of us has seen in a long time. Now there is still a lot of work to do in order to properly build a decent nucleus. But this team is something not only to root for, but to grow with. Keep beating the regional teams (Knicks, Philly, Washington...etc.), and work on your play at home (it's an abysmal 3-7 right now). World beaters? Hardly. Playoffs? No. But watchable? Yes, and you haven't been able to say that about the Nets in a long, long time.

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    Another game, another double digit lead blown in the 4th
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