I like Shurmur better than any of the guys who have been fired so far. Maybe McCarthy could work, who I think gets too tough of criticism.

At the end of the year when we had a better line (after a Whole offseason of even armchair coaches like all of us ranting about how bad theyíd be since they never upgraded RG or RT), you could see it all clicking. Thatís why I still think itís incredibly important for them to upgrade the line ASAP. Barkley is the offense now. Use to be OBJ and could be again, but right now itís all Barkley. In fact Iíd gladly trade OBJ for an all pro olineman right now, because if we have solid line play with this system, I honestly donít think it matters who our WRs are. Shep and Engram are still playmakers too.

Itís also why (and I know Iíve said this 100 times) I think we really need to get younger and quicker at QB. All these bootlegs and backfield motion are begging for a qb who can run them quicker and bail with his legs if he needs to.

I love Eli but quickness is not his thing and this system is not one built for him (no matter how committed Shurmur is to him).

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