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Thread: Fire Shurmur?

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    Sep 2012
    Should have never been hired to begin with. Another one of those "offensive gurus" with little to no actual success on the field.

    Can't get rid of him fast enough. The only thing worse than Shurmur is the mediocre coaching staff that he assembled.

    McCarthy for HC or Haley for OC FTW. I actually would like Haley a lot. Barkley and Jones would benefit greatly from someone like Haley. Just don't make him a HC. I would be ok with a defensive minded HC like Rivera. Just give complete autonomy to a good OC. $h!+, just give me Morhinweg to run the offense at this point. Again, just not as the HC.

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    Ron Rivera
    Quote Originally Posted by El Patito View Post
    Wow, you just won't let this go will you? I'd be more than happy to provide the numbers again if you'd like. The fact is that Marmol in his best season, put up one of the greatest performances by a reliever in the history of baseball. Better than Rivera? Youre damn right. You can't deny this.

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    He's done. 100% done.

    He gets out coached every single game.

    Kids on x box make better second half adjustments than he does.

    Whole staff will probably be gone.

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    He is talking about the one and only, pure trash: Ereck Flowers

    Quote Originally Posted by cowboyskilla View Post
    His stern face can give that impression but I don't feel that's the case. New York isn't an easy place to play at, so honestly I can see his confidence at an all-time low for him.

    I don't think he's a bust. I think he just needs the right motivation to pick himself up & play harder.

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