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Serious Elliot? He's 4th in the league in rushing with an 8 or even a 9 man box most of the time. Looney is doing a good job of filling in for Fredrick. Yes we need a new HC and OC but that doesn't fix Dak's ability to read defenses and make throws. On the last drive when he was sacked, he had someone open mid to deep middle just coming out of their break and completely missed it (had the guy beat on the inside and would only had the safety over the top).
Totally disagree with this and so does history. Dak has played well when they have gone uptempo late in games going back to 2016. It often leads analysts to ask why the F'n coaches dont do that from the get go. I am agreeing with guys smarter than us that study the all 22s saying that the coaching is simply a mismatch for Dak's talents. Either the coaches or Dak needs to go. I think at his best Dak has more potential than Garrett who proves time and time again he cant make good probability based game management decisions and also has an offense conducive to the Otto Graham era.