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Yeah, Oliver is 6'2" 287. He will be just fine at DE in a 3-4 or DT in a 4-3. I've heard some people say he is athletic enough to play Edge in the 3-4 as well. If Oliver falls and we pass I would be devastated, it looks more likely that Rashaun Gary will fall at this point. I think I would take Gary as well at 12 but his lack of production is a little scary.

I will admit Polite late 1st is to high, I doubt he last past out pick in the 3rd. He is a moron, but he is gifted enough to be a 2nd round pick. Sweat and Simmons had much more concerning problems to me than Polite (unless Polite had problems at Florida I don't know about). Sternberger in the 3rd is possible to me, he is likely the 4-6th best TE depending on who you talk to. He might be a later 2nd but he could be the in the 3rd if a couple teams value Kaden Smith, Josh Oliver, or another mid-round TE higher.
One of the concerns with polite I've heard is effort and love of the game stuff. I've heard rumblings that he was sort of a go through the motions guy and doesn't really put in the work. Him being banged up didn't help. But coming to the combine seemingly entirely unprepared and putting up horrible testing numbers certainly doesn't quell any fears that he's a take the money and run type of guy.

I mean, the interview stuff didn't bother me too much. But it's still back of mind. It's the testing stuff. Polite looked every bit the athlete that a guy like sweat was on tape, yet sweat absolutely blew him out of the water. This was a huge job interview that you have months to train for the exact test you have to take and you also get to choose which drills to participate in, and then you put up epically bad numbers is very concerning for work ethic.