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I haven't given up on the site. However, given who owns the site and the resources they want to put in, this is the best that we have. The app hasn't been supported since 2012, but that's also because a better alternative in Tapatalk came about. Rush and I can only do so much, and we need a dedicated presence across the board to help create threads and drive discussion.

If you want to try and buy the site, be my guest. However, you will be negotiating with Tribune Media Company and I doubt they have any intention of selling.

No doubt about that.

As far as trying to buy, who knows? I know the ad revenue the main site brings in is relatively minimal so the cost wouldnít be too crazy. They should be willing to sell since they donít put any effort or money into the site and make very little off of it.


This was interesting. Wonder what interest they have in this website or if itís just the domain they want.

Strange to see ownership not want to improve something that is so easily doable but I guess considering the source, it ends up being pennies in their eyes.