Wow This place is dead. It shouldn't be but it is. This place was Rude to folks at times and it looks now like it, took it's toll. But since I have been back here I see lots of guess but no NEW members.
I would like to see New members give this site a chance. so Lets stick to hockey NOT try to Stat new members to death or pound them on their opinions . Build something here. We're Bruin Fans/ hockey fans enjoy.

Donato got send down. I have no problem with that, Give him time to find his game again. What I do have a problem with is Heinen as a top 6 forward and given PP TOI are you kidding 10 games NO GOALS 3 helpers and god knows how many bone head moves/turnovers and he's on our PP. The Bruins are lets face it a 1 line team due to Sweeney's love for 4th line Boarder line NHL players. Players like Acciari, Kuraly, Wagner,Nordstrom, and Backes. That's 6 4th line forwards No wonder we don't have a 3rd line. and with Krejci showing up if and when he's interested to this team need help and soon. Jump in folks lets hear your opinion on this.