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    2018-19 Off-Season Discussion Thread

    Here is the thread for general news, rumors and discussion for your team's off-season. Remember big news should go in it's own thread.

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    Very happy for some of the off-season recognition for some of our A's!
    Matt Champman - Gold Glove and AL Platinum Glove awards
    Matt Olson - Gold Glove
    Bob Melvin - AL Manager of the Year
    Honorable Mention:
    Jed Lowrie and Marcus Semien Gold Glove finalists

    Hats off to all these fellas. Now lets bolster up te squad some in the offseason and go for another run in 2019.
    49ers, Athletics, Warriors = Life!

    49ers = Rebuild Mode! Love my fellow Faithful
    Warriors = 2015 & 2017 NBA CHAMPIONS!
    A's = The young talent is here!

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    Opening Day in Japan! Blows

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