Here are some names we should still be keeping an eye on in free agency. I think all these players could not only help during the season but should give us an option to trade at the deadline. Most of them are outfielders due to the projected trade of Nick C before the off season is over. Some of the guys are reclamation projects we would hope for turning things back in time when they were more productive, some are older but may have value to playoff teams in the stretch at the deadline, but all would be one year contract possibilities. I have also put my projection on the one year cost. I have name, age, position, side they pitch/hit from, and projected one year cost. Some will have my thought process added in.

Josh Harrison (31), 2B/3B/OF, RH bat, $10M- he will be a hard get but would be a great trade piece at the deadline. A little on the expensive side but his versatility will be what sells him.

Nick Markakis (35), Corner OF/DH/1B, LH bat, $10M- he’s getting up there in age but still produces. He seems to be a good clubhouse guy and would be easily tradeable at the deadline if he stays productive as teams will be looking for a veteran LH bat.

Adam Jones (33), OF/DH, RH bat, $10-12M- another costly guy but could get us some prospects at the deadline. Would fill in nicely for a year to replace Nick in RF but could fill in wherever we needed him in the outfield.

Gerardo Parra (32), OF/1B/DH, LH bat, $7M- good solid player who gets on base and adds a very nice versatile LH experienced bat to the trade deadline. Seems to be a good clubhouse guy as well and could get him at a good price.

Derek Dietrich (29), OF/1B/2B/3B, LH bat, $3-5M- my favorite choice here due to his flexibility in the field and his LH bat. He’s a gamer who comes to play and wouldn’t bring as much back as the others but would certainly intrigue other teams at the deadline with the tools he has and the LH bat.

Avisail Garcia (28), OF/DH, RH bat, $5M- Probably the biggest boom for the dollar possibility but also the biggest risk. What is he? Had a great 2017 and an awful 2018 but also has injury issues. Miggy would love it but is he worth the price tag?

Carlos Gonzalez (33), OF/DH, LH bat, $5M- Dude was awesome at one time but now he’s just average. Could he rise up again getting a fresh change of scenery or will that just hurt him more leaving Coors Field? That is the gamble you take.