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    Bills Sign 3 new players

    Bills bring in Pryor, Barkly and Colton Schimdt.

    Pryor immediately becomes our #1. Whether anyone likes it or not. He should see a lot of targets and he maybe can catch up to a lot of the overthrown passed we have seen thrown down the field, being he is now the fastest WR on the team. I would have loved to see him in the game against the Pats taking snaps from McDermott and Dubills Techmo Bowl Offense. He probably erases Logan Thomas as our emergency QB as well.

    Barkly will probably play against Chicago. That is unless you guys think Peterman doesn't get benched. One more bad game by Peterman and he will definitely be released Monday.

    Im glad the punter got hurt. Too many 25 yard punts. Being we play the field position game, more than the put points on the board game, Shmidt will help a lot.
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    Colton should have been on the team from the start.

    I like the other signings. Especially Pryor.

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    Oct 2011
    I really wanted Pryor when he was a free agent. I want to see him stick here.

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