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    Quote Originally Posted by LASportsFan1996 View Post
    He still put up a 113 wRC+ with very good base-running and defensive versatility. 3.1 WAR. He was still and is still very valuable.

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    That's not the same as the guy with the .360 BABIP that was totally sustainable and is something we should come to expect forever more.
    Look at the difference in the stats with just a 15 point drop in his babip.

    He strikes out WAY too much, and I'm glad the Dodgers are giving the starting job to KIKE over him.

    To be clear I've never criticized his baserunning or defense, but there are a lot of players that can run the bases well, and play good defense.

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    With the exception of Turner, the offense looks like **** and Kike is getting back into his regular season groove with the 3 K's tonight. Taylor needs to dig up the corpse of Dr. Kevorkian and book an appointment.

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