I know we talked about it earlier, but I'm not a big fan of the Moose deal. I haven't heard the full financials, but reports are saying it's either $9 or $10 mill and has a mutual option next year, so my guess is it's a $9 mill deal with a $1 mill buyout.

Feels like for $9 mill we could have upgraded elsewhere. I don't love moving shaw back to 2nd. This probably spells the end for thames, which means shaw may actually get a fair amount of starts at 1st against tough righties. So I doubt shaw is a full time 2B, but he probably plays a decent amount of innings there now.

Im interested in seeing what type of deal marwin Gonzalez gets now. He's right handed and bore versatile, so it feels like he would have made more sense if he could have been had for a similar deal.