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Same i've tried to defend Jameis but its getting hard, the 4th quarter and overtime it was grotesque. Although ill admit he did what QBs are supposed to do and he got us in range Catanzaro just missed it from 40, but it was a bad game from Jameis. What are we supposed to do though? I'd rather have Jameis out there than Fitz just to see if he's the guy going forward, and this years draft class at QB is not looking too great. Only thing we can do is try to get more of a run game going to help him so he doesn't have to drop back 50 times.

Yea its getting frustrating why we can't connect with Djax and lets be real he should be back there returning punts not Hump. Although we did win so to not get too depressing I thought the Dline played its best game of the season by far, should only get better when McCoy and Curry return (hopefully at least 1 does against Cincy). Nassib played very well he definitely wanted to stick it to his former team. Carlton Davis impressed me today and had his best game as a pro so far IMO. Rojo seems to be getting more comfortable would like to see his carries and touches get increased.
I don't have the magic answer. I don't think there is anything we can do except hope he gets better. What I'm worried about is giving the big contract to an average QB, which is a death wish in this league. We could be looking at another 5-10 years of mediocrity if he does not improve.

DJax should definitely be back returning punts. There's no doubt about it. C. Davis is a man CB. He will thrive with Smith gone. I keep telling all of you, he's a stud.

I know it's early, but I honestly think RoJo is garbage. Reminds me of Dexter Jackson and not the Super Bowl MVP Dexter Jackson