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    Quote Originally Posted by dabears34ft View Post
    We likely arenít a playoff team, but there is a whole lot of reason to be optimistic. For starters we have a legit elite scorer in Lavine. We have a 19 year old C in Wendy that is looking like heís gonna be a rich mans Horford rather than a poor mans. We have a stud in Lauri who will likely be a 20 ppg stretch 4 with more to his game then typical stretch. Thatís 3 reasons to be optimistic.

    Not worried about coaching. Hoiberg is likely gone this summer.
    The question is about the playoffs. There's certainly reason to be optimistic long term (though you might be the most optimistic Bulls fan on the planet with the way you're viewing those 3 players), but if we're talking this season, I agree with KG.

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    Yeah, long term they have some hope but they need a few very key factors to fall into place. Time will tell. This season though, theyíre a train wreck even if completely healthy. Theyíre way too undisciplined, soft defensively, and have some of the worst basketball IQ Iíve seen.

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    Would you trade the pick for Ben Simmons if that became available?
    So the Trade Simmons Train is picking up speed.

    If the Sixers want the pick and and Dunn, plus maybe some more fillers, would you do it?

    He actually makes a lot more sense with this roster than the Sixers.youjizz pornhub tubegalore

    I'm actually more concerned with the Kardashian problem than the shooting problem tb
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