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    Official Phillies 2018-1019 Post-Season Thread

    We finished the year sucking but there is room for improvement.

    Who are gonna get in FA?

    Who is leaving?

    Which prospect could help the ball club next year?

    Who is our next star?

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    Should be an interesting off season. Will Harper or Machado sign here and if they do where will the domino's fall from there. Rhys should be moved back to 1B but do you trade Santana or move him to 3B, then what happens to Franco. I'd trade Hernandez for a starting pitcher and put Kingery at 2B. If Machado signs what happens to Crawford. If Harper signs, where does he play? Who is the odd OF out. Do they try to resign Ramos. All of this and I haven't even started about talking about the pitching.

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    Defensive movements are going to be the biggest improvement(s). Hoskins to 1B is a must.

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    So after Machaod's "I don't hustle" comment, do we still want him in a Phillies uniform?

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