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    The rub comes though when the players realize that the profit share has gone from roughly even to the owners raking in a 61/39 share. Arbitration structure needs to change. Players have to wait sometimes till prime years are over to get paid and teams also realize this. They are no longer just paying for what you’ve done but rather what think think the numbers tell them. Some players like Harper have value over just baseball. Pujols deal although bad for the budget helped springboard the organization into a lucrative tv deal that has easily paid for that whole contract for instance.
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    Nice point there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheDish87 View Post
    anyone else surprise with the small number of teams after these guys?
    I think it's pretty typical these days. The contracts have gotten so huge that when it's at this level there only seems to be a few that want to lay out that kind of cash. I'm sure the players will be leaning towards the collussion side the longer some of these other guys go without signing. But by the same token the owners have quite a bit of data on how poorly those huge money 7 year deals worked out for them....which was not very well. You can only hand out those long term deals for so long. Harper is probably in a different class than the regular joes though. He's got legit drawing power on marketing side.

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    This damn saga has to end next week. It has to!

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