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    Quote Originally Posted by Kinkotheclown View Post
    Trade for Scooter. Sign Murphy. The lineup is dramatically changed. Two guys who can hit to all fields and move runners along with hitting 20+hr.

    When Didi comes back, Scooter or Torres moves to third and Andujar is the DH while playing a couple games a week at third.

    I think they need to start putting Andujar at 1b. With Manny coming he will be moved somewhere and 1B is my choice. Or have him start playing LF so it keeps Gardy on the bench, we don't need that .230 hitter playing everyday anymore. I think 2 games a week is all Gardy has in him before the holes in his swing show up with more at bats. Just sign Murphy to a 2 year deal nd and will play everywhere.

    I can see Andujar getting better with the bat them Manny.

    If people can stay healthy and all hit to their potential this offense can be awesome.

    Judge, Manny, Stanton, Andujar, Sanchez, Torres.....

    What is missing there?

    We need a powerful lefthanded hitting 1st basemen that is not a strikeout machine as well.....

    The dynasty teams had a lot of switch hitters.....Why has Cashman avoided getting those good switch hitters?

    The man has just 1 WS Title in his 20 years as GM....He may be an all around smart GM that is a yes man to Hal but other than that he sucks! His starting pitching has also sucked!

    All he does is give Larry turds to shine....Forget about going thru all of the trades Cashman has screwed up with pitching since 2002. El Duque, Clemens, Coney, Andy, Boomer are not walking thru those doors anymore and Cashbum has not found that magic again that was handed to him back in 98.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rrzubnyy View Post
    I think they need to start putting Andujar at 1b.
    I would normally agree, however, I think what happens to Andujar is dependent on if we acquire Scooter (which I don't think will happen). I think if Scooter and Machado are here, you either move Andujar to first, LF or trade him for an ace.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sauronthepower View Post
    I do not believe that we have ever publicly disagreed before my friend, so I am a little intrigued by this.

    At least it will silence that silent minority that accused us of being the same poster a few years ago.

    Let's have a gander at the side-by-side comparison chart of Machado's and Gennett's hard numbers:

    2018 Machado: 709 PA, .301avg (weighted 2/3 3.15 w Baltimore, 1/3 .273 w LA), 188 H, 84 R, 35 2B, 37 HR, 107 RBI, 70 BB, 104 K

    2018 Gennett: 638 PA, .310 avg, 181 H, 86 R, 30 2B, 23 HR, 92 RBI, 42 BB, 125 K

    2017 Machado: 690 PA, .259avg, 163 H, 81 R, 33 2B, 33 HR, 95 RBI, 50 BB, 115 K
    2017 Gennett: . 497 PA, .295avg, 136 H, 80 R, 22 2B, 27 HR, 97 RBI, 30 BB, 114 K

    2016 Machado: 696 PA, .294 avg, 188H, 105 R, 40 2B, 37 HR, 96 RBI, 48 BB, 120 K
    2016 Gennett: . 498 PA, .263 avg, 131 H, 58 R, 30 2B, 14 HR, 56 RBI, 38 BB, 114 K

    2015 Machado: 713 PA, .286 avg, 181 H, 102 R, 30 2B, 35 HR, 86 RBI, 70 BB, 111K
    2015 Gennett: . 391 PA, .264 avg, 99 H, 42 R, 18 2B, 6 HR, 29 RBI, 12 BB, 68 K

    2014 Machado: 354 PA, .278 avg, 91 H, 38 R, 14 2B, 12 HR, 32 RBI, 20 BB, 68 K
    2014 Gennett: . 474 PA, .289 avg, 127 H, 31 2B, 9 HR, 54 RBI, 22 BB, 67 K

    2013 Machado: 710 PA, .283 avg, 189 H, 88 R, 51 2B, 14 HR, 71 RBI, 29 BB, 113 K
    2013 Gennett: . 230 PA, .324 avg, 69 H, 29 R, 1 2B, 6 HR, 21 RBI, 10 BB, 42 K

    What I deduce from these numbers is a couple of things.

    A) Scooter's numbers are on the rise, while Manny's have leveled off (but at an extremely high quality % of leveling off)

    B) Manny strikes out a lot less than Scooter and puts the ball into play more than Scooter. Manny doubles a lot for a guy with that kind of power. We need that kind of production play vs. meatsack (ie Sexson, Giambi, Halfwit, et al) swinging for the elusive 5 run HR that we have seen this team feast or famine on for the better part of 15 playoff years.

    C) Manny had a down offensive year in 2017 (I remember this because he dipped my fantasy team and anyway the .259 BA speaks to that)

    D) Manny has demonstrated a longer verifiable run of elite quality offensive play and elite quality defensive play, whereas Scooter has about 2 seasons worth thus far so is very much not a sure thing to me.

    I am tempted to believe that we may be witnessing this generation's version of Don Mattingly vs. Kirby Puckett. Gennett would be Puckett, perceived to be currently trending upward far beyond his paper potential whereas Manny may be perceived as lazy (aside from his own self-incriminating quotage) because his numbers remain alarmingly consistent.

    Now....I certainly agree with you that, on paper, the cost-benefit analysis would seem to favor Gennett short term, simply because Machado's 'ask' and demand is so very high. Where I would disagree is that Gennett does not seem to be (and I know, very much, that this is a nebulous assessment tool) that "generational, elite talent" that we are being sold on with Machado. Whether or not that is a byproduct of Manny's marketing machine remains to be seen, but his hard numbers certainly are not unimpressive.

    I would personally go all-in on Machado for the versatility, positional need, production to power stats ratio, defensive quality, and yes.....unfortunately the market/"a-ses in the seats" potential he would bring (in this Gennett is pretty much a complete unknown).

    While I certainly feel that Gennett is not a 'dumpster dive' he still reeks of that too much potential to on-the-cheap tank mentality that Hal and Brian have loved to embrace over the better part of the past decade. Now is not the time for experiments or reclamation projects, now is the time to go big IMO.

    Machado's window of opportunity both in terms of availability and probable prime production years is right now. Gennett will be a free agent in 2 seasons. I would be ecstatic if we were able to land Gennett AND unload the Gray albatross (and even Wade) in one fell move (something that could be truly defined as a 'Cashman Fleece').

    However, I would think/hope that this is more of a timing move to coincide with the fact that they probably expect little to nothing out of Didi this year and are looking for a comparable replacement part for a song. Acquiring Gennett specifically to withdraw from the Machado sweepstakes would represent a colossal error of perception in my opinion. One doesn't have to, and should not, negate the other. Once Didi returns full in 2020 we will have a one year layover of multiple quality infield pieces, but, as another poster put up a few pages ago, cross that bridge when it comes up, NOT by excluding one of the premiere generational offensive talents in a long time from consideration.
    comparing gennett to machado is ridiculous...

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    Quote Originally Posted by johnny ny View Post
    comparing gennett to machado is ridiculous...
    It was a response.

    Any Questions?

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    Drummer! Funny.

    Sauron! If we dont load up, Ill be bashing Cash like you.
    Leo's Thought Of The Day

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