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    9. Milwaukee, shapeshifting

    As I wrote Thursday, the gap between Milwaukee's best and second-best players is bigger than that of a typical championship team. One remedy: quality depth that allows for shapeshifting to any style of play a postseason opponent requires. Milwaukee might have it.

    George Hill can play alongside one of President Malcolm Brogdon and Eric Bledsoe -- and even (in short stretches) both. Sterling Brown has hit 59 percent on corner 3s, and defended four positions. He even looks comfortable slithering inside off the bounce when defenders run him off the arc. Tony Snell is shooting 39 percent from deep.

    The more perimeter players at Mike Budenholzer's disposal, the easier it is for him to build workable lineups featuring Giannis Antetokounmpo at center -- a look the Bucks will need to navigate multiple playoff rounds.

    Is that too small? How about Ersan Ilyasova at center. Want more speed? Try D.J. Wilson! He's 11-of-23 from deep, and has flashed passing vision and sound instincts for rim protection:

    Want more size? The Bucks have outscored opponents handily when Wilson plays alongside one of Brook Lopez and Thon Maker. Ilyasova can do the same. Antetokounmpo can work as the nominal "small forward" in those double-big alignments.

    To win four playoff rounds, you need to be able to play every style. If Brown and Wilson are real, the Bucks will be ready.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MILLERHIGHLIFE View Post
    Just what I was saying... Brown has closed too...

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