I've been sitting Edelman on my bench awaiting for his return. Since then, the Pats look completely in need of more WR, which obviously they have on their way with Gordon also due back soon.

Where do you all have Edelman ranked for fantasy? Is he a WR2? I can't see him going much higher or lower than that, but someone is going to start catching TDs for the Pats and I have no idea what to expect out of Gordon.

I'm looking to flip Edelman for a RB in one of my leagues. Looking at the likes of Kerryon Johnson and Phillip Lindsey. I'm thinking Edelman has equal or higher trade value than guys like these, but I'm not really sure. Both have high ceilings and low floors. But I also have Will Fuller, Michael Thomas, and Kenny Golladay as my other WR so I think Edelman is expendable.