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    2018 Off-Season Discussion Thread

    Discuss all off-season news- trades, free agency, NFL draft- here in this thread.

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    Angry Hurney Returns and the future no longer looks as bright.

    Today, our fears became a reality and Marty Hurney was named the permanent GM for a 2nd time. A slap in the face to every panther fan. He was hired on an interim basis and was going to be tasked with assisting in the hiring of the next GM. As a GM the first time, Marty left us in cap hell when he was originally fired and to bring him back after Gettleman finally got our cap situation in order is appalling. What did Hurney do to deserve another chance? How many teams showed an interest in him for anything after he was fired? He made decisions based on emotions and not based on what was best for the team's future. While he has claimed that he has learned from those past mistakes, why does the panthers fan base have to be subjected to him running the team again? Not to mention, while he may have drafted some talented players over the years, most of his 1st-3rd round selections were busts. So while it may be bad now and we may see him repeat in the mistakes he made in the past, at least we can hope the new owner fires Hurney and brings in his own guy. There are plenty of qualified and deserving GM candidates out there. Hurney though, isn't one of them.
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