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    Quote Originally Posted by Raspy44 View Post
    Huh? What flip? I've been pretty consistent in my message.

    I was just asking what you meant by your comment that they they would have released him if he was a free agent before this year. Were you talking about them letting him go the offseason prior to this season (I wouldn't really have considered that releasing him...just his contract expiring) or were you saying they would have released him a couple years ago (and paid out the remainder of the contract)?

    My direct mention of the word "cheap" was reference to Wilpon's comment about the insurance. Most of the original and more detailed info about the insurance policy on Wright (i.e. it covers 75% of his salary after he misses 60 games) was from anonymous "sources" in news articles not public press conferences. The Wilpons didn't publicly offer too many details over the past couple years other than Jeff being sure to inform people this spring that the insurance policy "wasn't cheap". So most of the details about whatever agreement is made with insurance will likely come the same way - Jeff wasn't likely to break out his excel spreadsheet and reveal exactly how much money the Mets were going to get back, when they were going to get it, and where they were going to spend it.

    And yes, you may consider the insurance important. I've acknowledged many times that some people may care. I've been saying, I don't, so I, personally, was glad it wasn't asked. That's not what I wanted to hear about on Thursday (and I don't think the Mets would have shared any of the real specifics anyway).
    Was just saying that if they weren’t obligated to pay Wright a lot of money through 2020 they wouldn’t have kept him around. Whether that meant releasing him, DFA-ing him, or just not resigning him wasn’t the point.

    And since money was central to the story reporters should have asked about it, especially when Wright and the Mets made it clear he wasn’t technically “retiring.”

    My issue was with the reporters, not the Mets, nor you for not caring which was your prerogative.

    A breakdown of numbers wasn’t necessary. The question that needed to be asked was “Will Wright remain on the roster during the off season since he’s not retiring and will insurance still pick up most of his remaining salary since he’s been declared medically unable to play?

    The answer, which we didn’t hear until a day later was “He will not remain on the roster but we will be negotiating a settlement with the insurers.”

    Does that help?
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    Quote Originally Posted by fanofclendennon View Post
    He's just a waste of time. First time in my life i ever saw a team executive read off a script to start a press conference. If Sandy were still around, Jeff wouldn't be there. Maybe he was only there because he didnt want to give the impression Ricco was in charge.
    Better to read off a script than improvise and say the wrong thing or firget something important. Not everyone is a polished or confidant public speaker. Ownership should absolutely be there. We are talking about the “retirement” of Captain America. If he hadn’t been there I think some nedia and fans would have said ownership disrespected Wright.

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