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Yeah, the Bills have a competitive disadvantage because they and Cleveland are basically the NFL's least desirable teams in terms of locale, current roster and historical performance. They also find themselves in a very unfortunate Catch-22. The smart play is to trade Shady and perhaps another valuable vet or two (Benjamin? Hughes?) and build for the future. However, that not only makes them less desirable to free agents in the short term but also has the potential to demoralize and alienate the good players they already have on the roster who would hopefully be in the Bills long-term plans.

It's sadly telling that a "Bills Optimism Thread" has now made me want to curl up into the fetal position and cry myself to sleep...
We all feel your pain. This will ultimately come down to how good Josh Allen ends up being though. The optimism should be a top-5 pick, then trading that to a team that wants a QB, and then drafting guys early to make life easier for him.