One of the more anticipated preseason's in recent memory. There's always your standard excitement with the new league...and I'm a natural optimist when it comes to our beloved Broncos....but..

The entire feel is simply different. And I think the main reason for that it is coming from top down. For the first time....we not only hear about structure....but we SEE it.

We got our QB for now...we have our QB for later and we pretty much hired two HC's. One of them is a guru on the offensive line...something we have been lacking for awhile now.

That draft was simply brilliant....and how we hired both our HC candidates will go down as the best move this off-season.

Not only that but there is just a lot of players to keep an eye on. From your rookies (Fant/Risner/Lock) to your second year players (Deshaun/Sutton/Chubb) UDFA's (Fort/Malik Reed/Rygpien).

For once, I don't think there is a preseason game where it won't be interesting...cause there will always be someone that will be slated to play a lot that will garner interest either for now or for the future. I mean...we're going to be watching simply for Drew Lock alone...and he's going to play a ton. Rypien is also a draftable prospect that will get burn.

I'm stoked ya'll. I'm really vibing with Fangio. Love his style