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Thread: Leg Workouts

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    Leg Workouts

    Anyone have any good suggestions for leg exercises? I really don't like the idea of doing squats because I don't think they're good on the knees. I try to do pretty safe workouts, not trying to get jacked. Legs have always been trouble for me. Any suggestions for a routine would be awesome.

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    I do

    4-5 sets of lunges
    3-4 sets of leg press machine
    3 sets leg extension
    3 sets leg flexion
    3 sets thigh abduction
    3 sets thigh adduction
    3 sets leg sets on hydraulic leg press machine

    I also had to stop squats cuz of my back, just make sure your knees never go past your knees during any exercise and should be OK

    Step ups and stiff leg dead lifts are also real good, part of my other routine

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    Actually it depends on what you want.

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    Very helpful post about leg workout.

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