BUCKS give: J.Henson, M.Dellavedova & T.Maker to Atlanta Hawks.
BUCKS receive: N.Mirotic from the N.Orleans Pelicans and Jeremy Lin (!!!) from Atlanta

Bucks then waive (but NOT stretch) the contract of Jeremy Lin. It practically means for the Bucks that they pay the contract of one out of Delly or Henson and then sign Mirotic with the other salary. The result is that the salaries of both Henson & Delly go off the books for the next (19/20) season.

HAWKS give: Jeremy Lin to Bucks and Kent Bazemore to the Pelicans
HAWKS receive: J. Henson, M. Dellavedova & T.Maker from the Bucks and S.Hill + a 1st from the Pelicans.

Hawks then waive Henson, Delly & Hill and only keep Maker and the 1st round pick.

This should be huge for the Hawks because they need to write in their books 45M for the 19/20 season so that they will avoid huge taxation... With this deal, they load 18M more than Bazemore's salary (Lin is on an expiring this season contract) on their books for the 19/20 season, plus get an asset and a 1st pick which is mainly what they are looking for on all their up to now deals.

PELICANS give: Solomon Hill & a 1st to the Hawks, N.Mirotic to Bucks
PELICANS receive: Kent Bazemore from the Hawks

This should be great for the Pelicans too... Because Mirotic is on an expiring contract which they can't extend because they have to give a (generous) rise and extend Randle and Diallo, they also have to fill 9 (!!!) roster spots for next season, additionally they get rid of Hill's (bad) contract (which they are desperately trying to shop) and they get Kent Bazemore for who they are after but couldn't reach a deal for!