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    I don't want Otto anymore. Our biggest need is defensive big and I don't want to waist and cap space long term unless it means we find a defensive big solution who can be with this team over the next 3+ years.

    Mo Bamba is interesting. It looks like Orlando might be dangling him. IDK what it would take to get him, but he'd be an interesting young player to add to this core.
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    Wow, you just won't let this go will you? I'd be more than happy to provide the numbers again if you'd like. The fact is that Marmol in his best season, put up one of the greatest performances by a reliever in the history of baseball. Better than Rivera? Youre damn right. You can't deny this.

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    Why would Orlando be giving up so quickly on him?

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    Orlando’s dumb. They’ve been that for awhile now.

    What If......Vlade went out of his way trading for Mo who was drafted #6 overall (2018) because his team didn’t want him no mo. But, he already went out of his way to acquire Buddy who was drafted #6 overall (2016) because his team would rather have Cousins, and basically gave up on him. On some X Files level.

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