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    Quote Originally Posted by papipapsmanny View Post
    Yeah Betts isnt going anywhere haha, Sale most likely isn't either.
    I can't imagine either go anywhere either.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chicagofan08 View Post
    Cubs fan coming in peace. I wanted to ask your board what the thoughts were with ths looming pay raises due to both Sale and Betts if you would consider trading Betts eventhough your FO has said he is pretty much off limits. Wou,d you do it in a 1 for 1 for Kris Bryant or Bryant +? Bryant has an extra year of conteol. Just an idea I had. Thanks
    No, and it's not really a question. While Mookie is due a raise, he is under club control for two more seasons. They will go year-to-year with him as long as that's his preference... but they'll also try to sign him long term every year as well. Resources for signing him are not going to be an issue.

    I'm not sure why you say that Sale has a looming pay raise. He's got a very team-friendly option for 2019. They may try to negotiate an extension but I don't see them trying to deal him. He is probably the only one of the upcoming FA who they will go all-out to keep.

    But if you want to make a deal around Price...

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