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    Quote Originally Posted by Jamiecballer View Post
    I like it.

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    Why I said that I can't speak for everyone.

    Why must we have polar opposite opinions on this Jamie

    But we will definitely see. As Aman noted, it looks like there was a bit of a rift between Casey Nurse concerning some of the plays called. It's a bit of a relief that he did challenge Casey's calls, so there might be changes, but I'm curious to why the rift came to what it was. I hope it didn't involve politicking behind the scenes.

    With my luck, when the Raptors head to their first NBA finals next year, I'll be eating another crow
    On Russel Westbrook's Chances at Defensive Player of the Year:

    Quote Originally Posted by Money_23 View Post
    I think he has a good case. He's the only guy who can hold Durant to under 30 points a game.

    Quote Originally Posted by P&GRealist View Post
    Sometimes, perception isn't reality.

    But Tittays are forever.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ewing View Post
    Should attract big name free agents
    PSD had a click bait up earlier in the week on the main for raptors as dark horse for lbj.

    Like Donny Trump is doing for America after a brutal 8 years, I am making PSD Great Again One Post at a time, doe!!

    One Big A-- (8 year) Mistake America. Coincidence? I think not.

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