- Dallas acquires C Tyson Chandler, 9th overall & 15th overall pick.
- Dallas trades 5th overall & C/PF D.Powell.

Why Dallas? You are creating additional cap space for the 2019-2020 free agency class by trading away Powell. You also obtain an additional top 15 pick(15th) just by dropping 4 spots( 5th to 9th).

L: Chandler/Dirk/Barnes/Matthews/Smith

- Knicks acquire F's TJ Warren & J.Dudley, G/F T.Daniels
- Knicks trade C Noah, F L.Thomas, and 9th overall pick.

Why Knicks? Anything to rid yourself out of Noah's contract. Losing the 9th pick is crucial, but you are acquiring a top-tier talent on a team-friendly contract!! He also plays the position of your BIGGEST NEED!!!

L: Kanter/KP/Warren/THJ/Frank.

- Suns acquire 5th overall pick, C Noah, & F's D.Powell & L.Thomas.
- Suns trade Warren, Dudley, Chandler, Daniels, and 15th overall pick.

Why suns? Suns rebuild is looking stronger & stronger. With Noah's contract expiring next season, this will give them enough cap space to resign Devin Booker. with two, top-5 picks, you can decide to go either Ayton-1/ Trae Young-5 or Doncic-1/ Bamba-5. I personally would take the latter of the choices.

C: Bamba/Bender
PF: Criss/Powell
SF: Jackson/Williams/Thomas
SG: Booker/Reed
PG: Doncic/Ulis/Knight


C: AYTON/Bender
PF: Criss/Powell
SF: Jackson/Williams/Thomas
SG: Booker/Reed
PG: Trae Young/ Ulis/Knight