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    Rookies of the year

    Well as you guys should know by now Bogdanovic was a 2nd teamer while Fox could not make either team and was beat out by Ball and DSJ. i believe there was anther so-so guard in there as well. The point being our true rookies didn't hit the mark. WE can all see something in Fox that gives us hope.

    All is not lost in the last draft class though Kings fans! I am sooo excited to finally see Harry Giles! He maybe our Franchise player in a couple of seasons. He maybe our superstar in 3 season. He has shown to have the coordination to be a star, of his kness are as heathly as reported.... ohww man i am sooo excited to see Giles go to work on the NBA like he is NEO in The Matrix! Harry had a possibility to be the ROY, I maybe getting a little emotional and way ahead of where my expectations should be... but man this team could be on a tear next year! Ofcourse that is really predicated on if we get a difference maker in the draft that will push Giles to the limit in the ROY race.

    Vlade, get it right man!
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