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View Poll Results: Best Player on the Warriors? Kevin Durant vs Stephen Curry vs Draymond Green

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  • Kevin Durant

    18 81.82%
  • Stephen Curry

    3 13.64%
  • Draymond Green

    1 4.55%
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    Quote Originally Posted by valade16 View Post
    First Bolded: Did you also include the playoffs?

    Second Bolded: My numbers are not flawed, you just don't like the conclusion they demonstrate. Your entire point is it shouldn't count because although KD went off a ton, he was missing Steph and therefore they lost a lot.

    So your point is KD on the Warriors without Steph doesn't win that much compared to the Warriors? Well luckily we have several years of Curry on the Warriors without KD and they did very well. So even with your context, all you've said is that the Warriors fair better with Steph and no KD than they do with KD and no Steph. Which actually helps my point. So thank you.
    I didnít include playoffs, so that is likely the difference in total games.

    However, I donít see how you can construe this as a point in your favor, but go ahead and take it.

    Your stats indicate the warriors fare better in games that Steph scores 35 than Durant. While true, everything Iím pointing out indicates itís by no means a fair comparison. The teammates Steph is playing with when he goes off for 35+ are significantly better than the ones Durant is playing with when he went off for 35+. And itís not just Steph sitting out. Of the 12 games Durant scores 35+, someone other than curry was sitting out 8 of those 12 games. And in 7 of those 8 games, Steph was also out. And by someone, I donít mean Zaza or someone like that. Someone is one of klay, draymond and iggy.

    Comparing their records when the they score 35+ is comparing apples and oranges because they werenít playing with the same teammates. In almost every case, Durantís version of the team was short handed while Curryís was full strength. And even Curryís 2 short handed games were missing only one other stud, while over half of Durantís where missing at least 2 key pieces.

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    They both choked on a huge dick last night.
    Donít forget to smile today, theyíre contagious!!!

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