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Thread: Navigation

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    The forum navigation is busted atm. It appears as a long list.
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    I haven't noticed anything on my end. Did it resolve itself? Do you have a screen shot to share? You can PM me for my email and I can forward things over to our contact with the site.

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    on the subject of navigation... i understand the desirability of collapsible navigation, but you guys have to address the CSS.

    right now the anchor tag is only as high as the actual text - which is quite small, and so as a result any click that is not precisely on the text is not registering a click on the link, but instead collapses the menu. super irritating.

    if you remove the top and bottom margin on ".league-links li", and set the child anchor tags to display block, line-height 21px, you get the same appearance but a much more forgiving target for mouse clicks and fat fingers.
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    well unfortunately it looks like you were right about Bargs...

    but hopefully we can use his expiring, if not at least we unloaded Novak's deal...

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