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View Poll Results: Who should the Knicks take if available?

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  • Mikal Bridges

    13 24.53%
  • Miles Bridges

    12 22.64%
  • Collin Sexton/Trae Young

    8 15.09%
  • Kevin Knox

    10 18.87%
  • Wendell Carter

    7 13.21%
  • Zhaire Smith

    3 5.66%
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    Quote Originally Posted by nycericanguy View Post
    his interviews are definitely child like and cringe but hopefully its just anxiety or nervousness.
    I saw a guy who was very shy and excited. Not knowing what to say doesn't = dumb. He had a consciousness in his eyes.
    What do you want to bring to the Knicks- "A ring"
    What type of player are they getting- "A committed one"
    What are you going to do with your first check "I'm not going spend it wildly. I'm going to keep it for myself"

    I agree he has a childlike quality but he struck me as someone who knows the rap on himself regarding effort and desire and now has the opportunity to prove people wrong and make his dream come true.

    I do not see JR smith in him. He was more humble than Smith has ever been.

    The new Yankee star, Luke Voit

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    Why is this still going on. Mitchell is a Knick now and he will either make it or he will not. Personally I am rooting for the kid. I also like how Fizdale alluded to or stated helping players become men. It appears Mitchell is in the right place to succeed if he can. We have other issues like moving Coutney Lee ASAP.

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    I don't think most people realize almost schools have media training and PR people coaching these kids up. And at bigger schools you get used to a lot of media but even at smaller schools you get exposed to how to deal with the mediaeven if its 1 guy doing all the area teams.

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    I look at Mitchell as a player just out of high school and it's nothing wrong with that. He could turn out to be a Kevin Garnett type you never know especially if he has the work ethic and the right coaches and mentors around excited about his possibilities...I would think he need a veteran PG with him to better facilitate his talents...alley oops and blocking shots to begin with...

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    I don't care how Mitchell speaks as long as he can play. From what I remember Moses Malone didnt speak well and is at least a top 10 center of all time.

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