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    Quote Originally Posted by sixer04fan View Post
    Agreed. Explosive athlete and defender from day 1. Pretty massive development project aside from that to round out his game.

    This is all just rumors and could be smokescreens, of course. But if it’s true: I know that Brett loves to develop players and he is great at it, but if he has final decision for this draft - or at least has a really big input - this is where being both the coach and GM can be troubling. If he falls in love with Smith’s athleticism, and thinks he can be the guy to develop him and teach him to be a better basketball player, then as “GM,” he might want to make a big reach when he shouldn’t.

    Smith at 10 would also seem like an overreaction to what happened in the Boston series. They had better athletes and losing the series probably haunts Brett. As a coach, he might want to reach on an athlete. The coach’s mentality might be, “I know I can beat Boston if I just had better athletes,” when instead they might be better off picking the best basketball player.

    ^Again, I understand it’s all rumors right now. It’s definitely not worth taking these concerns seriously or getting worked up about it until we actually pick Smith at 10.
    I’m in adding athletes camp. Walker and Knox seem to be pretty good athletes. What I don’t like about Smith is he doesn’t know how to finish in traffic. He’s a late first rounder to me.

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    Time for a new draft day thread. Adios, pre-draft

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