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Some of my concerns with "waiting to rebuild" are based on years of thinking we have core players and have them turn out not to be. Favors, Burks, Heyward, Kanter... lots of players of the years that we thought were a young core to build around. By the time the young "core" is ready to compete, alot can happen.
WOW! That was a very convincing argument. You really touched a nerve with me with this comment. I think most Jazz fans are done with "waiting to rebuild". I am.

Simply resigning Exum and Favors may end up being our best available move this summer. I'm hoping for better. If you listen to Locked on Jazz podcast they give some very interesting numbers. Everyone believes Favors and Gobert together can work. They can because Quinn is amazing, but statistically last year what was even better than Favors and Rudy was Rudy and a stretch 4. I'm not just talking offensively but defensively as well. Rudy and Crowder at the 4 was better by a large margin on both ends. This is a stat we can't ignore. Crowder, Sefolosha, and Jerebko are good options but we need a better one.