Players executed and the game plan worked. Rockets take 50% of their shots from 3. So Quinn just guards the 3 point line and almost allows guys to run to the rim if they want. A few times it looks like a blow bye, but most of the time it worked. Coach Quinn is just awesome.

The pick and roll with Capella is hard to stop. Harden is such a smart player he really sets guys up with easy buckets when Rudy helps.

I just don't like Chris Paul. We had to put up with his shenanigans last year. There was a series of plays when they were down where he instigated all the contact but got to the line several times in a row. Harden and Paul have mastered how to get to the line off of what I would call non basketball plays. Jumping into guys and taking a jump shot that begins with your arm swinging down and over is only an attempt to get to the line. Our guys fell for it a few times but we will need to be aware it could be coming at any time.