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    Quote Originally Posted by smood999 View Post
    I'm more worried about them going in with Jackson as the favorite before speaking with everyone else. I think that's just as dangerous, if not more. Again, I have nothing against Jackson at all. There are very few coaches that will get a reaction out of me one way or the other. He's just another guy to me that we won't truly know until he's coaching with more talent on the team. I just like everything I read and hear about Fizdale and the fact that he seems to be a progressive coach. Being from the Riley/Spo tree doesn't hurt either. Has there ever been a bad coach from that tree?
    TBH I don't think they are looking at Jackson. I think they want someone that uses analytics and that is not Mark at all. Unless he's changed, that's part of what doomed him in Golden State.

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    Here is the thing why are they chasing high profile high salary coach when they don't have roster to win then that new high paid coach is going to be judged on wins the next 2 years leading to him getting run out of town like all of his predecessors lol. Why not instead sign someone cheap and wait until you have a proper roster.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by ISIAH_THOMAS View Post
    Rumor is hawks could fire budenhozer , he would be interesting
    Speaking of Bud

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    Below are some more notes from the Mills and Perry end-of-season presser:
    •There is no timetable to name a new head coach, but Perry said the team would do the work necessary to find the right replacement. “It’s a very competitive market out there,” he said. “We’re going to do our due diligence and take the time necessary to find the right guy that we feel to take us on a long journey, hopefully.”
    •While Joakim Noah remains on a leave from the team, Perry said the team will revisit the situation to see if a return makes sense. “We’ll go and visit the Joakim situation again as we go through the offseason. We won’t take any options off the table for that matter,” Perry said.
    •Both Kyle O’Quinn and Michael Beasley, two of the Knicks’ standout players this past season, are set to hit free agency. Perry confirmed the organization’s intention to discuss a reunion with both. “We’re going to visit all that. Obviously, Kyle O’Quinn had a tremendous, tremendous year for us this year. Played very hard,” Perry said. “He’s a New Yorker. Represents a lot about what we want to stand for. So we’d like to bring him back. Obviously we’ll be in contact and visitation with Michael Beasley’s camp to see where that takes us.”

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    I don't know about Mark Jackson. He isn't really an Xs and Os guy. One thing I learned from the Melo years is that isobased Offense is not the way to go.

    Honestly, whoever we pick as the coach doesn't really matter

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    Quote Originally Posted by Knicks Boogie View Post
    If Woody got fired then you know Jeff HAD to go.

    New coach will have a Fresh start with 4 young top 10 draft picks and 2 top 10 drafted vets. Plus a promising THJ...

    No more excuses for the next coach. He will be a guy the FO backs because he is their guy plus plenty of top rated drafted young guys to develop.

    Now we finally get to see how well building through the draft works.🤔
    The Knicks had the 2nd worst record after the All Star break. In reality this team is closer to being the 2nd worst team in the league than being a Playoff Contender yet they will probably be picking some where around 8-12 in the Draft while other Teams build around Top 5 Picks. Sure you could get Lucky and find a guy like Donovan Mitchell after the Top 5 but that is highly unlikely and you need Great Scouting for that which the Knicks have never had. So while the Knicks are building around Late Lottery Picks other Teams are building with Top Lottery picks.

    In your opinion Which teams are more likely to build a Contender??

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    anyone what the Philly game?

    Notice the key contributors?

    Starting SG signed as a FA

    Two pick ups on waivers after the trade deadline.

    Undrafted SF who was picked from the D-league

    And a PF who was a #12 pick in the draft.

    Yes Simmons and Embid are the real deals, but these guys have been huge for Philly and the team is 21-3 since picking up the two guys on waivers.........that's impressive. And that includes the first playoff game without Embid.

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    Personally, I don't think Jeff had a chance or did he get a fair hand dealt to him. He never really got the chance to succeed in NY.

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