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    At this point are we tanking or honestly just this bad edition?

    Now that the Wings are clearly out of the playoff race and on a epic losing streak 6 and counting. Honestly Id be surprised if they earn any points while on this road trip.
    Being that we are out of the playoff picture and that we have so many draft picks Im just going to cheer for our young guys, wish Blashill would start giving them real time on the ice(it wont happen though) and hope we tank till we sink with an occasional win or two till the end of the season. Cheers to tanking.

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    at least the octopus population is flourishing

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    May 2010
    I don't think those two things mutually exclusive....We can be just this bad, and its causing us to tank. As I have said and many others, 4-3 loses in regular time is the best case scenario for this team. Our chances have doubled in the lottery over this 7 game losing streak. I don't think any player tanks and stops trying, and athlete will tell you even in bad situations you don't try and lose under any circumstances.

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