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    Quote Originally Posted by koldjerky View Post
    I don't think Pittz is necessarily wrong when he says 'mostly useless.'

    IF 50.000000000000001% of people in college don't lead to success compared to others that hadn't gone to college, is he wrong?

    What defines success? Average annual income over a lifetime, or happiness? I could be happy with a landscaping job or doing what I do now after 3 college degrees. Money-wise I'm better off with the college degree for sure. I'm also extremely employable because of my skills - but truth be told anyone could acquire the same technical skills watching online tutorials for 6+ months. Business-wise I acquired management, negotiation, and other skills on the job and not in the classroom.
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    Was gonna say something similar. Every person has a different idea of what success is. I don't need anything more than what I've got. I don't have a big house or a fancy car. I don't have to commute for two hours in traffic every day. I get to go to the kids soccer games. I get to kiss them goodnight every night. Some people wouldn't think that's successful because I don't make lots of money.

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