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    2018 Off-Season Discussion Thread

    Discuss all off-season news- trades, free agency, NFL draft- here in this thread.

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    I think the only question that matters is what is it going to take for Bell to sign long term? Can we afford it, or do we Franchise him again and try to trade him to get something for him instead of letting him walk.. Now I know that he is by far the best RB in the league... No doubt... But what will it take? 5 year/$80 million or more? Our cap situation is pretty gloomy right now... It is sitting at appox $190 million with the cap being estimated to come in right around there.. And that is with-out Bell in the payroll.. We can restructure Ben again since he says he wants to play 3 more years.. So we can add 2 years and restructure and save $5 to $6 million... We could possibly restructure Brown and save some as well.... You can say good bye (IMO) to Heyward-Bey, Vance McDonald, William Gay, & Landry Jones (we will draft a QB in the 1st 3 rounds).... So that is $10 million saved... With restructures of Ben and Brown... That would be $15 to $18 million dollars saved... Our other free agents are P Berry, K Boswell, LB Chickillo, and Nix.... Berry has signed... We will for sure resign Boswell and the other two.. So with the draft, Bell, the aforementioned 4 Free Agents.. We need to cut $20 to $30 Million... And outside of Bell, the key is Ryan Shazier.... He is more than likely out for the year if not for his career.. I keep holding out hope... But his $8.9 million could be available... Say he is out the year... I think we can get insurance credit.. That may be enough to sign or franchise Bell, sign our Restricted Free Agents, and Draft Well... Maybe a couple of minimum contract...I don't see how we can sign any free agents... Just Restructure, Resign, Cut, & Draft.
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    Well it's been a while. Anyone still here?

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    I'm kinda hoping they bring back Wallace as a 3rd receiver on a cheap 1 year deal and trade Bryant. I also hope we get a safety and linebacker in free agency

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    Yo Chi I was thinking bout you homie, I texted you my number!

    -Can't handle Yawktoberfest bruh!-

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