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    Falcons need to truly rebuild!

    Stop the patch jobs! Rebuild this team for the long haul. And yes that includes trading Matt Ryan and possibly Julio Jones. The Falcons could likely get a mid to late first and a fourth for Ryan. See what SF and the Colts are truly willing to give up? Julio is in the back end of his prime, so he is a more valuable asset. I look at what other elite WR go for. They’re will be more teams in play for Julio, a mid first and third seem reasonable.

    Hire Riddick as GM, Bieneimy head coach, draft Justin Fields as QB then the best edge rusher and CB with the remaining first round picks!

    But first and foremost STOP WiNNING GAMES! We need to start over, the end of season rallying continues to hurt this teams draft capital

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    I'm for trading for both Ryan and Jones. Now after Straffords trade, it's more motivating to trade Ryan (Bears?) and get a lot picks back, or Fuller and picks. Trade Jones here quick as he's injury prone especially getting up in age, and getting a 1st for him would make me happy. Bt the 2 of them, thats a lot of salary/cap to unload and give us more money to work with via FA. While in rebuild, we still have young guys with potentials, so I can see us moving fast to becoming a good, young contender...

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