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    Quote Originally Posted by Dugmet View Post
    Yeah. I have a long story about buying a home OUTSIDE a gated community but still having to pay HOA fees. 15 years later my blood still boils down to tar.

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    I bought a house this year, and I was forced into it due to it being classified as a Special Community Benefit District. It's not bad, around $100 a month and it's paid out via escrow. It covers weekly mosquito spraying in the summer, and since we are a peninsula on the Chesapeake Bay, that fee more than pays for itself. It also includes access to the two community fishing piers, swim platform, boat ramp, park that includes a baseball field and volleyball court and a park on the Bay. So I can't complain, other than being forced into their "HOA"

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    Quote Originally Posted by dbroncos78087 View Post
    I just recently saw a very favorably priced condo near me but then I saw that the HOA was $900/month...needless to say that tab got closed REAL QUICK.
    ...the **** services were running people 9 bills a month?

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    Get a costco card. Go get about 4 of those big *** bottles of alcohol and enjoy it, because your never having enough money to go out of the house again.

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