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    NFC Wild Card Round: #5 Tennessee Titans at #4 Kansas City Chiefs

    Location: Arrowhead Stadium, Kansas City MO
    Saturday, January 6th at 4:20 PM EST/3:20 PM CT
    TV: ESPN

    Players To Watch



    Delanie Walker, TE #82 - 807 yards / 74 receptions / 3 TDs
    Tyreek Hill, WR #10 - 1183 Yards / 75 receptions / 7 TDs



    Kevin Byard, S #31 - 87(62) Tackles / 8 INT / 2 FumRec
    Marcus Peters, CB #22 - 46(42) Tackles / 5 INT / 4 FF

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    Freaking ridiculous that no one is giving us a chance to win this game even though we beat them last year. If I were KC I would not want to play the Titans. I don't think its an easy win for either team but of course homer me is picking the Titans.


    1. We are good at running the ball...they are bad at stopping it. Running the ball eats up clock. Keeps our defense fresh.
    2. KC is good at running the ball but we are good at stopping the run.
    3. Is is just me or have we really underperformed expectations this year? Talent wise we are a much better team than we've shown. That Jacksonville game...yeah we showed the fire I haven't seen all year. Finally! Guys are really stepping up their game.
    4. We have Marcus and I have faith in Marcus. He doesn't wow me with his arm but he is smart. This year has been a down year for him in a big way and he knows it but now its his time to shut up everyone and win his first playoff game.

    Why we might not win...

    1. Coaching...enough said really but I like Mike's personality so much but he has so little creativity with play calling. Free Marcus to do what he does huddle...reading the D and making the calls himself. Nows the time to save your job Mike. I think Andy is just the better coach.
    2. This is tied to coaching but I can't stand it when its so obvious its going to be a run play. There is a thing called P..P...P..PLAY.......A..A...A...Action. Jacksonville was practically laughing in hysterics because it was so obvious when we were going to run the ball and then boom we are hit with a 1 yard gain or negative yardage.
    3. I am still not confident in the secondary play. Yes Byard has had a league lead on interceptions, but a lot of those came against Kizer and Bortles. Like half...he is good and will be great but we are still weak with our doubt.
    4. Our blitzes (and it pains me to speak against the D-Wizard Lebeau) have been getting picked up by o-lines really well IMO. This doesn't help our secondary issues.

    I honestly think we win the game...I think the team has real fire in them right now. Lets do it guys! And best of luck to KC as well. A classy organization and fan base. Hopefully no one gets hurt on either team.

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    Titans Forum is dead

    Titans 2018 Draft Class

    22. Rashaan Evans, ILB, Alabama
    41. Harold Landry, OLB, Boston College
    152. Dane Cruikshank, S, Arizona
    199. Luke Falk, QB, Washington State

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    Quote Originally Posted by killthesux View Post
    Titans Forum is dead
    I know man...really stinks. Where are all the fans? I am actually an out of state fan that just fell in love with the Titans during the Air McNair years, but it has always really irked me that TN fans just aren't that passionate about the Titans. I am saying this in general because of course there are true die hard fans, but they are few and far between in TN. My friend up here in IL is from TN and said that everyone is just crazy about the Vols so they don't care about the Titans that much. I don't know but it gets ridiculous. People will start caring if they decide to pack their bags and leave for a more passionate city later. I hope this doesn't happen because I love Nashville but my gosh you'd think there would be more passion for an NFL team. Say what you will about the Browns but I'll take those fans any day over Titan fans...passionate win or lose...all the time. Lets go guys! Its playoff time!

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    I've watched football for almost 50 years. I have never seen a QB throw a pass to himself. That was a fantastic play

    **** off. Where's my title

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    pachyderm Guest
    Per the forum's death, It is.

    Yeah, I think as far as coaching goes you're not that good. You're better off than we, The RAIDERS were this season but that ain't saying much.

    Kind of a flukey win tbh and KC, for whatever reason, isn't the same team that they were in the first few weeks.

    I don't care what the book, or the experts say, going for two, all 700 times they tried last night, was ill advised imho. If they simply kicked the PATs they'd have won by 3 anyway.

    How was Mariotta not past the line of scrimmage? And does he get both stats? A passing TD and a REC TD? I hope so! Great play and presence of mind on his part. I live in Mid TN and I know a lot of folks around here have given him stick for this, that, and the other thing but I kept telling them he's going to be good.

    That said, the Titans are much better than folks give them credit for.

    I think #8 & #22 may hit their peaks in this post season and that will be big trouble for anyone you guys play.

    Good luck the rest of the way.

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