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    2018 Off-Season Discussion Thread

    Discuss all off-season news- trades, free agency, NFL draft- here in this thread.

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    Interest in trading for Dez and Talib? Our secondary was awful this year, mainly due to the opposing QBs having so much time in the pocket with Mericlus and Watt out, but still, i wouldn’t mind talib here.

    Ive always thought our secondary was suspect

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    No doubt both would be helpful since Houston will have over 50 million in cap space. Just a matter of if you want to part with more picks for 2 players who could end up being cut anyway. You only have 5 draft picks in the upcoming draft (2- 3rd rounders, a 4th, 6th, and 7th). Dez isn't near what he was, but I suppose teams would account for him and it would draw attention away from Hopkins.

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