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    Jan 2010
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    Former HC Tony Sparano has died

    Damn sad to see, i know alot of people here made fun of him at times but he is the last coach to lead us to the AFCE crown. He was always pumped up all the time, all of the players seemed to love him.

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    Jul 2010
    Only 56 years old.

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    Mar 2010
    The worst part is that he went to the hospital on Friday for chest pains but the tests didn't show anything.

    2008 was the year that I really started to follow the team and is still the most exciting year I've ever had as a fan. The Wildcat game was amazing but it's going to be awhile until the team can top that week 17 Jets game for me. He may not have been the best coach in the world but dammit those years had some fun moments. RIP.

    Welcome Back Sweet Prince

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    Dec 2017
    I have to admit I made fun of his "fist pump" on field goals, but that 2008 season was fun to watch. This is sad to hear. Much to young to die.
    Rise In Glory Mr. Sparano!

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