Chatter about LAL buying out IT. Can't believe the crazy Dad would stand for his son losing any time to IT. Lakers took a hit in talent, and the Coach has to fit the pieces. Not likely, but the next 4-5 games should tell if its something to watch, or hang it up.
I doubt they will. It's LAL. They have to put on a show for their fans and IT in name alone will help sell the show. He'll be a Free Agent after the season and they'll let him walk. He won't take any minutes away from Ball. Magic has already stated Ball will still be the starting PG but IT "will get plenty of run, it's not about who starts, it's about minutes". LAL also doesn't want BOS to get their pick in this draft. IT can help them stay out of the bottom 5.

Nader has to be gone.
I'm fine with it, also fine if he stays. He's the last man on the roster on cheap money over 4 years. By keeping him we don't create any dead money. If someone wants him as a trade throw in...go for it. If not, just let him stay and fill out the back end of the roster. He won't be seeing the court anyways.

Smart will likely leave one way or the other.
I know Danny and Brad love him, but it just makes sense to sign and trade him for a player that fits the roster better.

The '18 pick is liable to be worse in year one than either of the Centers we had '16-'17. I think Theis and Horford have to do some time at C. Tatum at the PF also. It doesn't matter what label you give Hayward, because on D he has to play against the weakest and/or slowest offensive wing on the other team.
More than likely a C at 27 will be a 4-5th big who hardly plays. Probably a high upside guy thats incredibly raw. Theis and Horford will play lots of C. With my projected line-up these rotations are incredibly intriguing



They have everything. Speed. Size. Shooting. Defense. Rebounding. Would be incredibly tough to match the length on the court and with Kyrie running everything...Deadly.