so my 2018 resolution is to not complain (too much) about the rebuilding of the Tigers. The players and the "new" coaches are exempt from my complaints. Avila and how he handles the signings/trades is open for discussion, as well as, Clark and McClendon being also up for complaints (and probably quite a few) too. Still can't believe we kept these two fools.

I am looking forward to seeing this team evolve and I'm excited to see us start filtering in our young prospects. Oh, we will take our lumps for a while but if Avila does his job correctly (drafting, signings, and working the international markets) I think we can right the ship. Our young pitchers will have to carry the bulk of the load and I think Bosio is the one for the job there. Our hitting will be our anchor at first but I think once the speed guys (Hill, Cameron, Alcantara, etc..) get up to the parent club, we should see a nice aggressive young team.

Keeping my fingers crossed for 2018 and beyond.