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    Steelers/Browns brawl: 3 suspended inc. Myles Garrett indefinitely

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    I posted in the Jets forum about this.

    I will start with the obvious, Garret deserves the suspension for sure. It was insanely dangerous and ridiculous. I hope for the Brown's sake it's not for the season.
    Tearing off the helmet probably would have genet him 3-4 alone.

    With that said,

    I don't think any human would do that without cause.

    Which is why I say, Mason Rudolph is a twat. He was grabbing Garret's helmet and face mask as Garret tried to get up and then he starts chirping about bush league?
    How about you stand up for yourself instead of your OL having to do it for you?

    I don't get why more steelers aren't suspended. You know, the 2 or 3 vs one situations where guys were kicking other guys in the head?
    Garret deserves what he gets. At least he owned it and didn't say a word except how he regretted it.

    Rudolph on the other hand? You know he's the guy who talks **** till trouble starts and then he disappears.

    The world is coming to an end and I don't even care. As long as I can have my limo and my orange hair"

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